Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, take a look and you’ll see Into your imagination…

— gene wilder

Creating Is My Passion

Hello there! I’m Ian, a seasoned freelance artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, bringing over two decades of experience and expertise to my creations. Delve into a realm where imagination takes flight through vibrant works of art, where every color and brushstroke tells a story. Allow me to welcome you to the world of art and wonder that is Moss Illustrations where my passion for creating captivating visuals comes alive.

I create personalized artwork that resonates with your vision and character designs that breathe life into your ideas. My portfolio spans a range of styles, mediums, and techniques that can make your dreams a reality. Whether it’s album covers that harmonize with the essence of your music or custom art and illustrations that ignite curiosity, I can create amazing pieces that meet your needs. Join me on this adventure where art and creativity know no bounds. Let’s transform your concepts into captivating realities through imagination and the art of illustration!

Art & Illustration Services

Welcome to the imaginative world of Ian Moss, where creativity meets expertise to create captivating works of art tailored just for you. With a rich artistic journey and over two decades in the industry, my illustrations are more than images; they’re the stories, emotions, and visions that connect with hearts. I bring a passion for creating and an unyielding commitment to bring imagination and excellence to your projects. Join the adventure where creativity allows your unique vision to be transformed into captivating works of art.

Why Choose Ian Moss?

Art Rooted in Imagination:
Each creation is a gateway to a world of wonder, where imagination has free reign.

Custom Artwork and Commissions:
Experience the lasting value of artwork created just for you that speaks to your vision.

A Love for Storytelling:
Ian is a passionate storyteller, bringing inspiring concepts to life with every line and color, creating art that tells your unique story.


Custom Art Commissions:
Collaborate with Ian to bring your distinct vision to life, creating works of art and illustrations that you and those around you are sure to cherish for a lifetime.

Character Design & Development:
Infuse depth and life into fantastic characters with enriching narratives that bring a new life to your projects.

Book & Cover Illustration:
The reality is people do judge a book by its cover, so you need to engage your readers with compelling book cover illustrations that invite them to explore your incredible stories.

Album Art & Posters:
Create memorable impressions with dynamic art that harmonizes with the very essence of your music.

Game Art:
Immerse players in captivating worlds and imaginative characters with art and illustration that elevates their gaming experiences.

Editorial Illustration:
Illuminate rich content with impactful illustrations that effectively convey your message.

Package Illustration:
Make your products stand out on store shelves with eye-catching package designs.

Let's Create Something Amazing Together!

Ian Moss is fueled by a passion for creativity and an enduring love for artistic expression. Your custom artwork and commissions will hold a special place in your heart, reflecting the passion and commitment it took to bring your ideas to life. Choose Ian Moss for a true artistic adventure that transcends boundaries, ignites the imagination, and turns your visions into engaging realities. 

Let's Talk!

Ian MOss Creative

Need other creative services? For a holistic approach to all of your creative needs, you can explore additional services available at my full Creative Agency | Ian Moss Creative.

Ian Moss Creative

Need other creative services?

Ian Moss Creative

Need other creative services?